the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-11-28 04:25:22 (UTC)

men are from mars - women are from venus...

greetings earthlings---
sorry i have been in the greatest of moods today
although you wouldnt think that i should be
i got to lab today and realized that it was our last class
which meant that the practical- our final exam was today
i have missed the last two classes so i didnt have a clue
as to what was going on as well as i have forgotten
everything else so im cramming trying to remember as much
as possible but i ended up missing the entire back page
i at this moment am failing bio lab but if i can get her a
doctors excuse and one of the worksheets then ill raise my
grade to a D maybe even a C
so pray guys and dolls
adrian and i are better things are getting calmer and the
conversations between us are atleast civil
i dont have to work all weekend
and dad is out of town so i can do the play now
i just have to learn the part
ok well im a little tired and i have to finish an english paper
love all
good night