Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-28 03:59:10 (UTC)


Bad word of the day.... SNOW and COLD !!

These are two items i really despites !!!! This morning
i wope up and was like.. OLE jumping crap fishes !!!! You
should of seeen all the SNOW.... Well i wasnt ready for
SNOW and COLD... So i put on my Fleece and went to wait for
the bus..... NOT A GOOOD IDEA after i toook a shower...
*sigh* I was at the bus stop at 10:05 am.. and the bus
usually comes around 10:15am... But he waslate because of
the snow... he arrived at 10:30am.. :( Sooo.. Marco was
a Freighing ICICLE !!!!! My hair ( because it was still
wet ) was hard as STEEL !!!

So i finnally made it to my dad's house... And helped my
sister cook a chicken, potato's for dinner... Was a goood
meal.. Humm.. yummmy....

Then i went and shoveled my dads driveway.... And talked
to him a bit.. And then borrowed the car for some time.. :)

P.s. I was gonna make a LONG ass diary.. but i'll cut it

G'night baby !