Reality Bites
2001-11-28 03:57:10 (UTC)

An over-all alright day

Today was ok, I feel so damn huge! Blah...I think Im gonna
go take care of that, I know I shouldnt and its bad for me
and blah blah but whatever.

Jenn and Alyss came over today and we chilled for awhile,
it was fun, we laughed A LOT! We really do have fun
together. We have a huge lit test tomarrow, so we looked at
that too. Not much else is going on...Ive given up on guys
cause they're just confusing and stupid, and yes, thats all
about that. Lately Ive been feeling really out of it,
Alyssa has Tim, Kate,Jessi , and Kiera are all like a threesome
now, G has all her friends from school, so does Carli, and
those are like my good friends you know? I mean Alyssa was
my best friend, but now Tim took that spot..So Im like
alrighty where do i fit in? I have so many good-time
friends, but I dont have any like best friend...I need to
see whats wrong with me