hey it's in my head wasting space!
2001-11-28 03:55:22 (UTC)


Wow, with work, friends, family and school...feels like im
in a vaccuum. Thats for sure! I wonder how long that will
last. Kind of inside of myself though...not that horrible
just lonely. lol. Guess it'll pass. Still no guys in my
life. Jeff ended up getting a girlfriend a couple days ago.
Much to my surprise..hell I was still waiting on that
impending date he kept saying we'd go on. Guess he's gonna
keep postponing that one. lol. Left him a nice msg on his
cell after I found out about this new chic. Nothing
bitchy..just didnt sound that fond of him at that moment
and havent talked to him. Ignoring him really. Ohwell guys
will be guys I guess. I'm surprised at how I'm already
tired of this new job. It's like I get up go to school and
then as im praying for my last period french class to
end..my day just starts all over again immediately. I had a
nightmare like that once. My day just never ended. Soon as
the last bell rang...another bell rang for first period.
lol. Very upsetting. Been trying to keep me and a very
close guy friend of mine to keep talking lately, hes been
so busy with college that he doesnt have much time for
anything else. Which is okay I guess we all lose track of
what happens sometimes. Ohwell...tired. Till later..ta ta