Mistress of Death

It's.. *gasp* ME!
2001-11-28 03:43:37 (UTC)

Foosh! First entry!

Yup... ^^ Hi. Nicci is my name-o at the moment, so it's the
one I'll be using on this diary journal thing. I have one
at Open Diary, buuuuut... I got annoyed with the slow
server, so I went off looking for a new thingy. And here I
am. I liiike this... it's nice and quiet and... not as
public. I was also getting annoyed with OD because people I
knew were coming to read my diary, and they got the
completely wroooong idea on some things due to the mood I
wrote the entry in. Ugh. Now, someone thinks of me as a
heartless, self-centered, stupid naive bitch. Whoooops...