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2001-11-28 03:31:49 (UTC)

Im bi..what the hell is going on?

Ok , now i finally come into the conclusion that i might be
bisexual after that girl raped me and that i liked it.
Nothing special on thanksgiving expect i kept thinking of
her, Marissa, why did she rape me first of all? I think I'm
gonna go ask her at school one day or some other day. But i
dont think i will ever find out. Im confused about who i am
and what i am. My mom has been grieving over me after i
told her that i might be bi. She keeps telling im confused
but im not but it might just be me. Im gonnna go,
everything in my body hurts. My head hurts. my mind hurts.
my soul has been eliminated. i dont know who i am. i dont
know what i am.

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