Ho Ho Holly
2001-11-28 03:27:24 (UTC)


today i noticed that i wanst happy with myself at all ...
it all started when we had to do this self evaluation test
in health class and my scores were so low compared to
everybody else... i wish i could just be happy with myself
and who i am.. i meani am proud to be holly and everything
i just dont like the me i see when i look at myself not
just looks wise but internal i feel ugly.. i dont feel like
a good person at all and i wish there was something i could
do to make myself feel better but i cant i put out this
vibe that im such a happy crazy person in my own lil whacko
world but in reality im dieing inside slowing being eatin
away from teh inside out from my petty little insecurities
and such... i wish there was a way out of this hole that im
sinking deeper and deeper into but someday soon i hope to
find a way to climb out...