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2001-03-29 20:00:13 (UTC)

Hey, Man it s amazing how much..

Man it's amazing how much can happen in one day!! Guess
what? I'm so excited! My cousin John might be able to come
tomorrow instead of Saturday! He stayed home from school
today b/c his throat is sore and he is missing tomorrow adn
his mom is letting him come live w/ us! shyess! God is
awesome!! I realy think God wants him to come to RG
Friday...and if he isn't saved, he will get saved! (like
josh said!) Oh yeah..Chris actually imed me today when he
was at school, so now i know i am on his b/l :)
hehe...anywho..i tried calling felisha but she didn't
answer...Saturday we're probably going bowling w/ John b/c
he is this bowling champion (literally)....
I'm praying that my mom is going to be able to get off
work tomorrow so she can pick John up so he can go to
Rg...well I guess that'sall ill write more later mmmlater