Daily Dribblings
2001-11-28 03:00:17 (UTC)

don`t screw this up

It's so scary to be dating Aaron. It's a totally different
relationship than my past expriences. I mean, not only am I
totally attracted to him, but he's also a best friend and
it's so great that I can just be myself. We are so much a
like that it's scary and it even causes problems sometimes,
but the real problems come in where our differences lie. I
think maybe we've finally overcome alot of the stuff that
was holding us back. It seems like it atleast. At first I
know I wasn't willing to let myself love him, mainly
because I didn't want to get hurt, make myself that
vulnerable, or I guess just even give him the satisfaction
of knowing that he could win me over so quickly. I just
recently realized how totally in love with him I am and I
how if we were both done with college I would marry him in
a hear beat. Yuck....that's so scary. We think the same
things are funny, have a lot of the same values, mutual
friends, fears about being stuck in this god awful town,
ideas about the future, and we just have so much fun
together. The other night I stayed over at his house and we
had the best time. We stayed up all night and just acted so
dumb. I haven't laughed that much in such a long time and I
haven't felt that close to anyone in a long time. I hope I
vcdon't scrwe this up.