Diary of the Family Dracul
2001-11-28 02:26:18 (UTC)

Maybe I should study, ya think?

So hey it's me here. Just got off AOL Messenger. I was
talking to my best friend Becca. WOuld've stayed on longer,
but Shaun McGuire to to IM me. I can't talk to him right
now. And no, not just cause I'm a guilty Gus, because Mom's
home, and she doesn't like online friendships like that.
Well, Shaun wanted MORE than friendship, he even asked me
to homecoming. But I couldn't go, and really didn't want to
go with him at all. His friend Sam appealed to my vain side
of me by telling me Shaun looked mannish. Jerk. I hate me.
But anyway, I had my first rehearsal for the school
musical today. Learned some music. Rob Chandler and Brett
Jones kept looking at me as the soprano section sang the
chorus's. Yowzaa! That's what I'm talking about! I was too
chicken to go up to Joe today, he was with his friends
Brett Bevel and the rest, I don't like big groups. I did
scream in front of him, though. James Walker was sneaking
up behind me and scared the holy-shit outta me. I chased
him, OF COURSE. I think he watched. I gotta find some way
to talk to him without completely buggin'. Hmmm......
Any ideas? Oh well, I better get back to studying, I
have 2 quizzes and a test tomorrow, plus French tutoring in
the morning. Ah....better brew another mug of tea, it's
gonna be a LONG night.

Bye 4 now,