The Boy Looked At Johnny
2001-11-28 02:23:32 (UTC)

November 28, 2001. Night.

That Buzzcocks song comes to mind...

"I'm in love again
Been like this before
I'm in love again
This time's true I'm sure..."

She's a customer. She called the other day asking about me;
the connection wasn't quite made. Re-establishing the
connection is going to is going to take some creative
idiocy. The kind of creative idiocy, my friends agree, in
which I excel.

(UPDATE, APR. 16, 2002)
This one was a knee-slapper, as they say. The "creative idiocy" in
question coinsisted of putting an ad in LEO, the "I Saw You" section,
saying something like "Sure I remember you, come into the store and
let's talk"; Of course, it was worded much more appealingly. I was very
optimistic. Sadly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing came of it.

Incidentally, her name was Lindy.