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2001-11-28 02:20:54 (UTC)

Regular stupid day

Uhh..just a boring day. Woke up for skool at like six
am..too early if u ask me. And skool was just long..i
actually threw up like two times..and i had to leave
early. Glad i did tho..bc i got to come home and rest.
And talk to my baby...which made me happy. Cept the part
when she said she aint tellin me she loves me no more cus
when she said it to me i was so shocked i dint say it
back..but i wanted to...the words were lost!! Then today i
told her that i loved her for the first time and she was
like 'welll u dint say it back to me b4 so aint sayin it
now". That kinda hurt...but all is well now. the funny
part of my day is that i was shavin my legs and my friend
came over so i had to jump out and put clothes on. I only
got one leg dun and half the i need to finish it
soon..hah..oke..thats all....todays mood was good!!

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