Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2001-11-28 02:14:54 (UTC)

this is whats new with me

ALRIGHT WHATS NEW hmmmmm you know that boyfriend i wrote
about not him or him, nope, nope, how do you know about...
anyway not him either ... opp yup thats him thats the one
yeah the one mixed with everything.He is soooooo slippin
with me, hell i'm starting to get bored we don't do
anything or go anywhere WHAT SHOULD I DO!!! I care about
him and i don't want to hurt his feeling but im going to
have too. He thinks it's okay for him to go to the club and
hang out with his boys all the time but then he wants to
come over to my house at like 10 or 11 oclock knowing damn
well i have class at 8:00am be out the house by 7:25am and
that i have to get up at 6:00am. And when say hang i mean
hang i don't mean got to the mall i mean the clubs where
every one is dancing all close up on each other and
drinking and it's starting to really piss me off can
someone please give me some advise on this because i
haven't had to deal with it before you know and if i say
whats on my mind oh yeah before i forget to tell you not
only does he just come over to get his hair braided by me
or my lil cousin and go to sleep but he hung up the phone
on my friend terrance because he was "acting difficult" so
he's say. (T says he can't weight untill we break up so he
can tell me whats on his mind abouit my boyfriend.) That
pissed me off the most you don't be over MY house not doing
nothing for ME hardly talking to me at all and hang up on
MY friends when you ask me to see MY phone. Let me know
where i would have been wrong to hit that sob up side his
head with that phone.( i'm serious)