Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-11-28 02:13:05 (UTC)

Need sleep badly!!!

I try to eep a positive attitude now that Austin is home
with me.He's too dependant on me for me to be mad at him at
all,so I wait until he is asleep to vent my angry or mad
feelings.I hope I always can be that way around him.
Sunday I woke up at 7am and slept 2 hours monday night.Now
Im in desperate need of sleep.My dad has the tv on which
makes Austin's sleeping very up and down.My mom is asleep
beside the bassinet so I cant lay beside him.If he cries at
night she wont wake me up from my room.Ahhhhhh!!!He needs to
be fed an changed.Why should he have to scream so loud
because she wants to watch tv until she sleepsand refuse to
wake up?I had to go down to Welfare by 8am today so at 7 I
had to wake up and wait for someone to sit with him while I
took a shower.I got to welfare at 9:00 and had to reschedule
for 12 tomorrow.Then I had to be at WIC by 1:30 today and
when I showed up they said hey had to see he baby who I left
with my mom.She had to drive back up to me with him in this
cold weather.I cant afford the formula alone so he had to be
here today.Between all this his bottles ran low so I had to
set the steralizer before I left and feed him 2 oz instead
of 3 1/2 like hes used to.His schedule is screwed.Why am I
feeling so pissy now?Simple!I have a head ache,my iron level
is 11.7(low)and Im dozing from the sleep I need so badly.
I may wind up sleeping on the floor beside his bassinet to
be sure he eats when he yells at night.God only knows if
that will be the minute I fall asleep or not.Wheres frank?I
thought we were doing this parenting thing together.That
doesnt mean him stopping by once a week and turning off his
cell if he doesnt want to be daddy anymore.Stupid ass
boyfriend!!Im going to bed before I get too mad to stand