2001-11-28 02:07:04 (UTC)

today..oh today.

hmm today was a pretty good day. and then i talked to my
doctor. well actually i don't care too much it's not like
i'm dying. i just need to get new medicine yet again. my
hormone therapy is a little messed up and i'll prolly yell
at rich a lot (take that) hahaha. anywho i practiced violin
today, lesson tommora, first one in a few weeks. i think
i'm ready i been practicing a lot. go me! and as for my
bass it's off the back shelf as of last night. i stayed up
til about 1 playing. it was so great, i improved a lot and
stuff, figured out what wasn't working before and fixed
it...and i had soo much fun. it was just really awsome. i'm
happy. then hm...i was locked outta the house for an hour
or so after school with hannah, so we played outside. it
was fun, we bonded again. she even stood up for me! zoe
called me ugly so she called zoe ugly. then we all got in a
big fight, i got told on...blah blah,but we all still love
eachother. physical fight. i got punched a lot ,and
backhanded them not too hard. they laughed and ran out to
momy. anywho then i watched tv, made dinner, ate dinner,
made that's about it. college apps are all
finsihed, i'm onto planing the summer. wooho. leave a
message bitch!