No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-11-28 01:52:28 (UTC)

New York with a book, an Andrew and an Andy

well, i went to New York for thanksgiving. i had a
great time wiht my sister. We both got our left ear's
peirced at the top with Austrian Crystal. It doesnt really
hurt. We went to the mall, hung out wiht my sister Wendy,
had Lizzy's birthday party and Thanksgiving dinner. It was
Well, i had a werid day yesterday. i think something
i wrong with Andrew. I dont know though. he is acting
weird again today. Nick says he likes me but i dont know.
i dont know if i like him, i dont think i do. i dont know
him well. Yesterday he was yelling at nick cuz he said he
read nicks lips and that nick said "here comes your
boyfriend." whoch was never said. today, when Chris asked
who Andrew was and Nick and i pointed him out, he was
like "why are you talking about me?" i asked him what was
wrong. i dont know, it makes me worried.
i cant forget about Andy, but lately i havent had a
chance to talk to him. i guess i just really want a
boyfriend, but i want a good one. i'm not making stupid
mistakes like last year and the year beore. i dont need to
be a grasshopper...again. lol. i dont know, i cant wait
around forever, thats what gets me. i dont know, life i
too confusing.
i finally finished my poetry notebook and thats just
about it. well, i'm gunna shut up. no one really reads
this anyways so i dont know why i type. but hey, why not!?
lol. bye

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