My Life In A Bottle
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2001-03-29 19:00:36 (UTC)

I really got a surprise when my..

I really got a surprise when my teacher gave me the essay I
wrote. He gaved me an A and thats really big for me `cause
I never got that good marks before. I`ll write it under...
It might bee a little bit diffrent than when I wrote it in
norwegian, cause now I had to translate it.

Never Again.

It`s so lovely. Just to sit right here. Outermost out.
Outermost out on the rock wall. Just to sit here.To watch
the waves get crushed into the rocky ground.
Crushed.Like all dreames.Like the hope. Like happiness.
Crushed. So lovely.To feel the wind tear on her hair.
The Ocean.
Who`s sparkle and shine so beatiful down there. Down there.
A single tear runs slowly down a soft face. She let it run.
No one can see her now. Never Again. Never again will they
see her cry. Never again will they see her get hurt. Never
again will they see her, run home - by her self. Never
again will thay see her escape. Never again will they see
She stands up.Outermost out.Alone. She brush sand og her
clothes.Rise her head and look at the sun who is looking
back. On her. On this girls who stands there.... outermost
out.She turns around and watch the waves. Deep down. They
are shouts, and whisper at the same time. Calling. Calling
her. She is ready now. She have never been more ready for
She is ready, and can feel it all over her body. She is
ready. A last time are she looking up at the sun before she
She jumps.

She stood there outermost out.

Never again.

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