Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-28 01:43:34 (UTC)

*no title*

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! ick I am so tired! Omg! I had 3
tests today, all in a row too!!!! I had one 2nd , 3rd and
4th hour! ick! I hated them !! The worst was Geometry
cause there were only 12 problems and the test was worth
100 points!!! so you screw over one problem you screw your
test over! urg !!! I don't know if you heard but these
like 4 kids from ,oh shoot I forgot where they were from
but anyways ,they got arrested for threatening to do
something serious to their school like blow it up or bring
guns and shoot people ! why doesn't that suprise me ?!
Well actually it does , I mean come on people !!!!! Killing
others like that doesn't solve anything!! You got
problems ??!! Then deal with them in a humane way !!!
geez ! I mean get real !!!!!!!! this isn't some 'bang bang
shoot em up' game its real life ! You can't go around doing
stuff like that ! geez people I swear are so stupid
sometimes!!!!! well sorry but when I heard about that I
wanted to scream !!! I hate stuff like that !!
Yesterday in english my teacher was talking about how she
read our 'Childhood experience papers' that we had to write
for her ! well anyways she said that there was one she
really thought needed to be read ! and I was like ' ok its
not mine ' cause there are all these really smart people in
our class who write really well . but anyways today before
class my teacher called me up to her desk and I was
like 'omg what did i do !?' but I get up there and she
says ' Marissa hun, I absolutely loved your paper! I
read it and it made me cry. I read it for my family and I
think the class should get to hear it ! ' well I told her
she could so she is going to read it tomorrow ! :)! I am kinda
nervous about her reading it for the class! Cause I don't know
just am ! I will post it on here when I get it back ! But anyways um
Ericka broke up with Tim ! wow ! I was really shocked and no offense
toher or anything but umm Tim was probably the only guy that likes
her like that besides Tyler! and I think she made a big mistake and
she is going to want him back and he isn't going to be there for
her ! Wow doesn't this sound familiar??!! Hmmm cause someone who
broke up with someone over a stupid reason now wants someone cause
they are lonely ! Well news flash people ! once you dump someone,99%
of the time they don't wait around for you to come back ! well I
gotta bounce!