Don Juan

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2001-11-28 01:10:56 (UTC)

Disney World/Dancing

I'm going to Disney World Thursday! I can't wait. I
really have nothing to say except that I have had the
uncontrollable erge to dance at night lately. I don't know
what it is... maybe it was seeing my prom date from last
year a few days ago. I think I'm insane for wanting to
dance... nothing else but dance... I don't understand, I'm
not even that good. I've just wanted to dance like in one
of those romance movies... on a cloud from heaven, twirling
while it held us up... bah! I'm dreaming. That'll never
happen for me... DAMN! LOL... I even danced for about an
hour by myself last night. That's very strange for me to
do... well, sober anyway. I really don't do that kind of
stuff (again, we're talking about while sober)... it would
almost seem like I were in love, but I know I'm not.
Maybe I'll meet someone in Disney World I can dance with...
that'd be nice. Maybe that'd get
it out of my system. I guess we'll see.

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