i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-11-28 01:09:50 (UTC)

pretty good day.

well i woke up on time today!!! i had some time to spare at
my house bc my bus only comes at 7:17am...so i put so music
and danced around like a freak..it was funny..i just wanted
to have a good day..haha...i left around 7am to go to the
bus stop..as always i stood by myself bc everyone else
there is STUPID!..i cant wait until i can drive..ne way...2
min drive to school...boring...ne way..pd. A saw a guy
drink cows blood from inside of the cow..i mean he stuck
his freaking head inside the cow!! ew!! i saw my grade for
that class...just a b ...pd B...art class..what can i
say..its a joke..i mean..everyone makes me laugh..oh and we
make artwork too...haha jk...pd. c1 lunch..yum! c2-c3...omg
i love that class..the people in it our like sooo
funny..they have some funny sex talks...wait the whole
class they talk about sex..unless they are picking on me
and who i like..lol..but they are pretty cool...pd.
D...chem class...what can i say..mr. heft..HAHAH...OH I GOT
soo happy to see that A on my test paper..hahha..it felt
good...ne way...pd. E we went back to c2 c3 today..it was
funny..there we asking me about the one kid i
liked..haha..the kid i like, likes a girl in the same
class..haha i felt kinda like a dork when she was like oH i
know who your talking about bc...i just did..lol...ne
way...went home at 2:30pm..got home...talked to my neighbor
for a lil...then i walked up to mickey dee's with my
sister...we went to see a working friend...i think shes
coming over later...who knows..lol...OH the only bad thing
that happened today...well if you know my dad, you know hes
kinda mean when hes mad..no he doesnt hit me..just a lot of
yelling..real loud too...he makes me feel like runing away
most of the time..ok heres the story..my dad has fits over
lil things...well my sister is in charge of feeding the
dog...ok and well she had droped the dog food...so now it
was all over the floor..so my dad..yelled up to her to
clean it up..so she did..when she thought she got it
all..my dad went out to check..there was 1 lil dog food
round thing...(lol) on the floor...now he was very very
very mad..bc she missed that one piece..he yelled even
louder at her...ok now i really dont like my sister that
much..but i hate seeing my dad yell at her..i mean he yells
way too much..but for some reason he always makes up for
his yelling at us..like letting us get cd's or something
like that i dunno..its very weird..well now i am on the
net..typing this very thing..lol..i am also talking to
mandy..a very cool friend..hah..who lets me read her real
diary..hehe..and later i think my sister is going to the haunted
place "the meat lockers"...who knows.all i know is a house all to
myself...haha maybe ill dance freaky some more..jk!..welp maybe if i
cant sleep later i will add on to this hunk of stuff...lol...for now
or if i dont come back..bye and i love you all!

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