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2001-11-28 00:29:12 (UTC)

S.T. sucks, and my Bread Maker

As if Smooth Texture couldn't get any worse...

There's this group of three 12-13 year old boys that come into the shop
sometimes, and while their annoying loudness and silly boy antics don't make me
like them too much, they're tolerable. They were in tonight, and then Smooth
Texture comes waltzing in, and starts talking to them, because she'll talk to
absolutely anyone who will at least pretend like they're listening...or even people
who don't actually, because I always try to talk over her and she just won't shut the
fuck up. Anyway! She starts talking to these young boys and acts all smart and
stuff to impress them, and then she says she's going outside to smoke a cigarette,
and they say they're going to stay in to talk to their other friend and she's like, "Oh,
I'll wait"...she really has nothing better to do than flirt with people half her age (she's
24 by the way). So finally they go outside, and then she TAKES THEM TO
HER APARTMENT...how creepy is that?!?! We were all like WHAT ... THE ...
FUCK!!! Especially Tammy, who is a parent and knew the kids, so she saw one
of t he kid's mothers outside and went and told her, and the boys got in trouble of
course (they had been supposed to be home a half hour ago)...Normally I
wouldn't have cared if anyone got involved or not, but this girl has no tact, no
brains, no common sense, and she's desperate. So I worry about anyone who
has to spend time with her. She met these other people in the shop once and
took them right to her apartment where she proceeded to show them her collection
of vibrators. Now, I understand completely why she has them, because I can't
imagine any man touching her with a ten foot pole...but why she would show them
to anyone, especially people she JUST met less than an hour ago. That girl is
fubar in the greatest sense of the word. I hope she gets the black plague.

On a lighter note, the Victorian ball is this weekend and I'm incredibly excited for it.
We won't get to wear Harry's costumes, but we can still dress formally, and I'll get
to wear the dress I wore to the senior ball again. It's a little risque as far as the
neckline goes, but it is not slutty and it is long, black, and very elegant looking. So
I'm not too worried...it should be a good time, and I've never met Harry's wife, so
that should be very interesting. William will teach us to waltz sometime this week.
And Eric might go too, which would be cool, another guy to dance with, since my
Bonehead can't come. I think he is a little worried about it, but it is not like I didn't
invite him, and these guys are just my friends.

I tried to make a ham today and I just couldn't do it. I was so confused, I didn't
know how you know when the stove was ready, I couldn't get it to fit in the oven, I
couldn't figure out how long to cook it for...my brain is just simply devoid of all
knowledge having to do with cooking and cooking utensils.

I think the greatest thing in the world would be to have a bread maker in my dorm
room this semester. I just think that would be so awesome, I could study while the
yummy bread is baking and then reward myself with it. Fabulous!

Speaking of studying, my sister and her fiance were going to buy me a
Playstation for my birthday, but my Mom was China in the United Nations
Security Counsel of my fun, and she vetoed it. I just found out today. That sucks
terribly! But I get to go to NY instead, so that is above and beyond. People are

I am just chillin while the ham cooks (I got Jon to come up and do it for me),
listening to System of a Down and watching the Christmas lights out the window. I
got an email from my best friend, telling me about all the guys she's dating. That's
so fun...It seems like forever ago that I could meet a guy and get his phone
number and get that excited feeling. I still get an excited feeling about my
boyfriend after almost a year, hell I sitll squeal and giggle every time I even see
him online, but it's different. It's hard to believe I might never have that feeling
again. But I get to have alot of feelings that I never had before in this relationship
and it is very worth it. I am just still stuck in that in between stage of wanting to not
have to worry about the problems that come with a relationship and just be totally
carefree, and loving the comfort and security I have with Bonehead and enjoying
the great times and special bond we have. I am so in love with him, yet I'm not
sure I was totally ready for that to happen. It pretty much caught me by surprise,
and I don't know because I never asked him, but it would be safe to say that he
feels the same way I do about us jumping in to things and dealing with so much so
soon. Yet he is the one that relentlessly pursued me even though I was against
having a relationship (even though now I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world).
I'm sure things will work out.

I can make things work out no matter what. Resilience is key.