emo kween

i hug pillows
2001-11-28 00:04:49 (UTC)


finished my daily devotion. been in my room for like an
hour. this week im reading from the book of luke.
interesting stuff there. makes ya think.

ah so here i am writing once again, but i now feel i must
be 'careful' about what i write because theres about
85478467 people that are reading my every word. but i dont
think i should have to lie or cover up what im thinking or
feeling. so i wont.

-ive been thinking alot about this whole 'reece' situation
and i really dont know how it begun or why or anything. i
just know its here and theres nothing i can do to end it
because theres nothing i did to start it. maybe it will go
away on its own. like..i know im a bitch and im overly mean
sometimes. ok most of the time. even when i know i shouldnt
be. and the way i feel about something or someone isnt just
gonna change over night and if it does im sure theres a
good reason behind it. but some people take things way to
serious or they believe what others tell them or they dont
even know the truth or they take it the wrong way or they
assume and just from making that one little mistake things
get outta hand. arg.

but im gonna make a cd. see ya.


/feel like i lost something/
/not really sure what/
/im sure ill find it/
/just when i give up//