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2001-11-27 22:40:22 (UTC)


changes with the season, changes with life.

that's should be the title of this entry. things over the
weekend turned out very interesting with the family. ms. v
was very moody and very fake. that gets on my nerves. the
things she does to gramma. blows my mind away.

but, it has brought mom and i closer to each other. i was
able to say some things to her that i thought i might never
be able to express. granted they were said in a light
tone, but i was serious and i think she heard me.

that clock? no longer ticking. i was just saying to kim
and dan this past weekend that i don't know if i'm still in
love with scottie. and, then guess who calls? and, who
writes. the man has esp! and, once again, i'm torn
between wanting to do my own thing and wanting to just be
with hi that's soooo odd! oh well.

other than that, things are going well.