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2001-11-27 22:10:23 (UTC)

the ball is rolling

me and phil discussed moving today. we are definitely going
to do it, even if the other guys aren't up for it. that
means i'll have to fuck around with finding a place to live
and stuff! argh!!!! it's really exciting though, but i'm
also scared!! so many things!!!

i'm going to miss suzy because i won't see her as much, but
i'll be much happier in my work and stuff. i'll actually
have a purpose!!

i don't think that me and suzy will have problems with me
being in nottingham. i care about her far too much to let
it get in the way. she is a very special girl, and i intend
to hold on to her for a long time, or at least for as long
as it is good for us.

anyway i need to work on my song. i'm making progress now :D

bye bye diary thing.