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2001-11-27 21:54:14 (UTC)

The first one........

So I guess this is it. I don't really care who reads
these, my life isn't all that interesting anyways. My name
is Laura. I'm 20 years old. Counting the days until I'm
21...... right now it's 243. That's a whole lot of days.
I'm usually a college student but I took the semester off
to figure out my life. The only thing I really figured out
is that I hate working full time. So I'm going back to
school in January to continue pursuing my degree. My goal
is to eventually go to medical school and do medical
research. I WILL find the cure for the common cold! :-)
I am an active member of the Blue Knights out of Denver,
CO. It is a drum and bugle corps and a percussion
ensemble. It is my passion right now. All my friends are
there (Hi guys, love ya!). I'm not really a band nerd.....
this is much more than that. You take all the really
talented people from band and put them in BK..... that's
what we are. It's a lot of hard work, but I love it to
death. Right now I'm at work and bored out of my mind. I
work for an outsourcing company. Basically, I sit at a
computer all day and answer phones with people asking
questions about their cell phones. Sounds fun, eh? Not
really. But it's a job and I have to pay for my eating a
living habit. Boo to rent. Which reminds me, that's due
in a couple days...... I'm not sure what the heck this
diary will consist of. But hopefully it will be semi-
interesting. If not, you are welcome to strangle me. Hope
you enjoy..... I know I will enjoy writing it while sitting
here at work being bored.........