.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-27 21:39:45 (UTC)

feeling left out

feeling left out, plainly describes me at the moment. not
to mention i love the band feeling left out, but still, its
like, wow, what the fuck, it seems like my friends are
totally siding with jim on this one, but excuse me, all i
ask is a little defense from them.

why does clint have such a large and apparently
uncomftoable stick firmly lodged up his ass? will someone
please explain it to me, cause its startin to piss me off,
i asked him about rachel, then we talked directions and
roads and all of a sudden he flipped out, what the fuck.
dumb fucked up boys are screwing up my life.

fuckin emo bullshit, get your shit together boys, you
wonder why you cant find a girl and cant keep a
relationship, or friendship for that matter, caues you
fucked up thats why. if i have to hear one more time WHY
its NOT jim's fault that he fucks up relationships becaues
hes so jaded and already screwed up so many before, so that
gives him some devine right to fuck with people, i dont
fuckin think so, friends.

hmm, yeah i have lots of rants botteled up, school is so
fuckin boring, maybe if it was just A BIT intersting, i
mean just like ONE class had appeal, maybe it wouldnt suck
so fuckin bad.

why do nearly all of my girl friends have the maturity oh
waffles? its starting to piss me off, there i am, tryin to
talk to nick and maybe acutlaly hook up, and jacki comes
along (bless her heart) and starts bein real ditzy and
shit, im like YO, can you see me and this boy are talkin,
and if you come round bein all 4 years old and giggelin and
shit, hes gonna straight walk away, cause i know thats what
ID do if i was him.

im tired and stressed now, not by shows which is what
usually takes the anxiety role in my life, its a big mix
between Friends, Boys, and my grandmother slowly slipping
away, how depressing, how am i supposed to be stable right
now, how am i supposed to be normal and calm and rational,
FUCK, everyone else uses every excuse in the book to get
out of the emotional affect my social life is having on me,
and NOW, when i need my rationalism the most, i have this
whole other complex wiht my grandmother being in the
hospitol and not at all enough calmness, and level headed
ness to deal with it all at once, and i am NO wear near the
point of apologizing for my actions and words like its
somehow my fault that everyone desides to either being
fucking me over or dying on me and i cant deal wiht it all.