Love, Sex and College
2001-11-27 21:11:59 (UTC)

If people read this... I need some help.

Well Andrew went to Michigan, I talk to him on Sunday and
he said he was going to call me before he left, but he did
not. So I emailed him last night becuase I know he will be
checking his mail there. I get an email today from him
telling me that he will not be coming home until the 5th
but he has to "talk to me at some point" and "its not the
best shit". Now, I am worried. I have been thinking, I love
him so much and want to be able to spend more time but I am
not that high on the priority list so I think maybe we
could still see each other and maybe we could start to see
other people. Is that a good idea? I don't know what to do.
I know he is subconciously distancing himself from me
because he does not want to get hurt, but it is hurting me.
I feel like he has broken my heart and we have not even
broken up yet. I hate this. I want to make our relationship
better. I don't want to break up. What can I do? Someone
Help me.