The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2001-11-27 20:58:49 (UTC)

November 9nth 2001 ( Pills Are Chill ) :)~

Today I woke up and didnt go to school.Why?...Bause noone
else in bergen county had school except for me.... I called
Chrisitne to ask her if Grace was still comming down.She
said YEs....I also asked her to call luke and ask him if he
wants to pill..He said he didnt have the money...Well that
made me feel bad so I had to work to get the money
forhim...I didnt knoe where i was going to get it but I
told myself I would Find away...I went to my grandmothers
house I worked there and got the money....When 7:30 came I
went to A&p but chrisitne wasnt out yet. I went home and
got ready and came back.. When I got there Erin and Grace
showed up...THat was Kool...I love um both...We went by
Chrisitnes And " e'd " .......Just to tell you it wasnt the
sae and it will never be the same journal........Well gtg