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2001-11-27 20:53:40 (UTC)

too much church

yes, there is such a malady as "too much church"
It is derived from getting too involved by volunteering too
often to do too many things for the church.

All I really want to do is just go to church, sing,
worship, shake a few hands, be in a skit once in a while.

But since the secret is out that I'm schooled in
architecture, everyone just assumes that I want to design
and draw a new church building for free. So I reluctantly
joined the "Facilities Development Team" after enough
prodding from other gung-ho church members, but only as a
design consultant. I don't want the whole burden. Sounds
self-centered, but I don't need a handful of people judging
my every judgment in this design process. I just want to go
to church, I don't want to design one.

Eventually, the whole project was in my hands to make
progress on, which I did, to many accolades of thanks...

...until someone decided they wanted control...
...and had to crank up the paranoia machine and get way too
many people freeking out about this project. So much for

So now I'm more reluctant than ever to volunteer. I don't
want to do deal with this. I just want to go to church. I
only want to answer to God, not 5 or 6 power-hungry church