Kat Eyes
2001-11-27 20:51:39 (UTC)

Nov. 27,2001

sorry that i haven't been on in a LONG time. dad and i
moved to florida about 2 weeks ago. we were really busy
packing and all, so i didn't have time to write. and stupid
netzero messed up my hours,so i couldn't go online anyway.
its ok here. the only problem is that none of my friends
are here. its not so much thats its not cali, just i know
no one here. but the people at the high school are really
nice. all my classes are honors. its cool. the guys here
aren't as good as i though they'd be. well,i have alot of
homework,so i have to go. but i'll write when i get the
time. (sometime this week or the weekend)