The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-27 20:50:12 (UTC)

November 8th,2001

Yesterday I was so upset that I called Grace and Erin. I
told them that I was so upset that Luke is my friend but
how come he dont call me or anything to chill.. I told her
that I would just wish that Luke would call out of the blue
to suprise me. And Guess What He Did.....AAAHHH....W0W isnt
that llike so ausome....When he had called he asked where
Chrisitne was. I told him she was t work and why..? He said
that he was bored, so I told him to come over..Time passed
and I called him. He told me to come to LaBellas. Me and
Erin wen to LaBellas, onl to see him get torcherd by
Willie..Oh Well Thats what he gets....Today though I went
to Pssaic with Luke and Christine. We went to get our hair
cuts..I missed Luksz soo much and im glad I got the second be his friend... Well gots to go...Bye BYes...