Ramblings and complaints
2001-11-27 20:47:17 (UTC)

today the 27th of november

A rather good day, Lots of drama...This girl i speak of,
seems really shy around me, maybe a good thing? i hope so.
I don't know if she thinks I'm an idiot or maybe she would
like me. The drama part.......3 close friends I have know
forever, involved in a sexual triangle, and one needs to
know the truth, but i can't betray the other...the girl,
well she's a typical girl, maybe not typical bust like her
normal slutty self. It sucks cause I'm the only one that
knows what's going on, and a best friend asks me to lie for
him? but I was in ryans shoes before too. 4th graders were
annoying today, I don't understand how it can be so hard to
make a pot...anyway, rach was making me upset, i want
someone to care for me like she cares for donald, i hope he
appreciates what he has. I just want someone to make me
feel warm and fuzzy inside. Someone to snuggle with, to
have with me by my side, to put their things all over my
room....just someone to be mine