2001-11-27 19:49:27 (UTC)

IT'S BEEN A WHILE.........

Well, like my real diary.....I'm slowly starting to forget
about this one. I mean, nothing too major has been going on
with me lately. Thanksgiving is gone. Leroy did come home
and I did get a chance to talk to him. He came and saw me
and we talked for like an hour. He is very weird to me and
I'm sure he sees me the same way. We are both stubborn and
that will probably never change. But whateva with Leroy!
Whatever happens with us.....HAPPENS. But anyway, I've been
thinking a lot about college. I'm in this state of mind to
where I'm not sure if I'll get accepted into college. Maybe
it's a whole bunch of doubt or something. I mean, I have
decided that I want to go to GA STATE UNIVERSITY. Will I
get accepted is the question! I don't know man. Just like
the Leroy situation....whatever happens, happens.