Nick's Journal
2001-11-27 19:12:38 (UTC)

Why I am happy, even though I'm not on drugs or alcohol.

Yes that's true. I'm happy. Your usual cynical, bigot,
sarcastic, austrian is happy. I'm having a blast, and you
know what? I have no reason, in fact I should be feeling
the exact opposite. My computer is fucked, I need it more
than ever. I have 3 tests and a paper within 5 days. I
feel sick, I have an ear ache, and I damn near choked
myself to death with a decongestant tablet.
Yet here I am doing economics homework, and god damn I feel
great. I feel like dancing a jig to bad moon rising, I
feel like going out in the open and doing a public service
for everyone and deflating the egos of the egomaniacs. I
feel like ripping up scantrons while frolicing in a flower
field. So here I sit trying to find the answer to this
fucking econ question, using my savior's (Dave's)
I've also noticed something. I really like it when a girl
scratches my back. No doubt. Backscratching isn't erotic
like massaging, and it's not something really romantic, but
it feels good. In fact I'd take a back scratch over a blow
job any no, wait, that's not true.......but
you know what I mean. I don't think there's anything
cooler than an unexpected scratching of the back. Cats
like it. Dogs like it. Guinea pigs like it. And cynical
Austrians like it. Cynical Austrians named Nick that is.
So if you read this. And you are a girl. If you have
that inscrutable urge to scratch a back, think of ole'
Nick, and give me a scratch. I really don't know
why.......oh wait I feels great. That's all.
So what am I to do? I haven't had a computer at college
for over 3 weeks now. I feel so out of touch. But then
again it's kidna cool. I don't reallize how fucked I am.
If i could check my e-mail daily I could see the ranting
and raving. I could see the instanteous demands. My
teachers want this, they want that, they want it now. Fuck
them. I ain't gots no computer, and don't get me wrong I
WANT IT SO BADLY!!! But for now I'm pretty god damn happy
without it.
So here's a little anecdote I'll leave you with from my
German teacher (he's the coolest). He was discussing
solipsism. (if that's how you spell it, if you don't know
what it is then look it up). this is what he said "So it's
fine if you're a solipsist.......unless of course you're
driving down Interstate 81.......then that could get kind
of dangerous." hahhaahahahahahahaha, oh and by the way, we
may have a keg in our room this weekend.

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