My Life
2001-11-27 19:11:49 (UTC)

The snow is here...

Had about 6-7 inches of snow on the ground this a.m. Almost
didn't get out of my driveway.

The farmer em'd me this a.m. Said he'd be in town tomorrow
and would like to meet for dinner. I'm going to go, but I'm
not sure how it'll go. We'll see.

Terry hasn't been able to work because of the snow yesterday
and today. Not sure when I'll see him again. He sent me a
really cute e-card saying he was counting the seconds til we
could be together again. He's so sweet.

Although he isn't very verbal and sometimes it bothers me
and I'm not sure he's expressive enough for me. I'm trying
to just let things be but sometimes I feel I require more

I need to concentrate on Christmas and getting everything
done before I leave for CA.

I come back New Years Eve, I'd like to have some plans to be
able to look forward to New Years. I've always hated it,
since I was in a car accident years ago on that night. Maybe
Terry and I can enjoy it together. I think he's going to
pick me up from the airport. He already offered to take me
to the airport, which was sweet.

I'm now trying to figure out what to give him for Christmas.
He'd be the only one I'm close enough to, to do that. I'm
looking at Harley stuff and he collects Nascar stuff too.

Have to get back to work.