Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-11-27 19:04:35 (UTC)


Dear god, give me a million quid, you bitch, and a car and some cds.

Laura's listening to the Spice girls.
And my head hurts =( Unfair.
I hate them next door. All they bloody do is moan. Moan
about birds pecking on their windows because we once put
out bird seeds, moaning about my music being too loud when
they know damn well they have theirs on louder.

I haven't had one weekend, Not one where I've got up when I
want to!
It's always THEM with their music, or their screaming, or
it's my sister being stupid, or it's someone on the street!
I hate it. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it gets
me so stressed out!!!!

My art still isn't finished and it's in for tomorrow. The
glue probably won't have dried by then either!
It's shit anyway.And pointless, so there's really no need
for me to do it.

I STILL haven't found my house keys!
I'll be locked out forever, until I get a new one cut. My
keyring has my locker keys on it!
I don't like only taking ONE key, because I know I'll lose
it someday, and I don't want my locker to have no padlock,
because everyone knows it's my locker, and everyone hates
me at that school, and they'll *do stuff* to my locker, and
take things.

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