Teen life . . .
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2001-03-29 16:12:31 (UTC)

people get on my nerves, not to mention any names (dan moochie)

i can't take it anymore, i can't stand this kid named dan
moochie, everyone calls him mooch, but i want to just punch
him in his face and see how many teeth i can knock out with
one punch. the ONLY reason i haven't done that is cause the
little immature asshole isn't 18 and i am. if i could only
be 17 again, i would have beat his ass way before it all
built up. i just can't stand when people judge other people
for no reason at all, especially when they have no room to
talk!!!!!!!! i just hope that him getting called to the
office will work for his attitude, cause if it doesn't then
i will have to introduce my fist to his face. he knows i
can beat the crap out of him, so i don't understand why he
thinks it's so funny when i told him to shut up or
suffer!!! well, i'm back to the office to let him know he
needs to shut up. and if he don't, then i shit out of luck,
cause really really do not want to go to jail for beating a
minor, but he's smart enough to know when to talk and when
to not talk. well, i have to get goin before i explode more
than i already have.... i will write later to let you know
what's up. take care!!!