Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-11-27 18:37:50 (UTC)

Embarassing moments

Don't you hate it when you trip in front of your crush? Or
when you accidently spit in your crush's face? Or if you
have your pants zipper unzipped...? I could go on, but
I'm sure we've all had our embarassing moments,
some more than others! I hate it when that
happens--all of it. It really sucks. It is hilarious to watch
though. This girl is friends with some of the girls in my
French class, and as a joke she wrote a love letter to
some guy in my French class. She went to give him a
hug, and she was acting all happy about it. She started
to run away, and tripped. She landed flat on her face,
hands, and knees. It was sooooooo funny. Everyone
cracked up, and we're still making fun of it.