Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-11-27 18:15:39 (UTC)


How very much so!
No assembly. AGAIN!
I wish I could just get it done and over with.

I hated today. It has been so boring, unproductive,
pointless and wasted. I'd probably have learned more if I
sat in front of the tv all day, or if I read.

I don't see the point in going to school If I know all they
are teaching me already, and if I don't need to know it.
What's the point in dividing fractions to get algebra
equations then turning them into decimals and blah, blah...?
There is none! None at all. And even if we do need to know
then, we have computers and calculaters which could do the
job for us.

Ok, so, I DID eventually do my history, I coppied out
exactly what he said-which I WASN'T supposed to do. "E" for
me. Again.

Roten Apples/Judas what I need!