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2001-11-27 17:29:43 (UTC)

He Is Mine and I am His!!!!

Dear Diary:
I am His and He is mine. I am so happy!!!! The minute I laid eyes on him, I set out to make him mine but he did not know it.

He is so cute. So sweet. He is Mine. But One day I will have to let him go because I am not selfish.
I want him to know the joy of having one child to continue his name. I want him to be happy, so for the meantime I am happy and he is happy.

If I can bring him any happiness, until such time.
The let it be.

He still has time on his hands. One day, I will let him go and it will break my heart but I want his happiness.

He deserves to be happy. He was so hurt after his wife divorced him for no reason. What a cold hearted bitch.

Thank you Lord, for answered prayer and Thank you Godesses Fate and Destiny for bringing us together.
Thank you Lord over all.

Love AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne

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