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2001-11-27 17:09:45 (UTC)

4 Day Weekend

It was so nice to have a four day weekend away from
work. I really needed the vacation (even if it wasn't
really a vacation because I had so much to do). The weekend
sort of went from great to crappy.
On Thursday it was Thanksgiving, and Ryan and I got to
sleep in late and then we went over to his mom's at about
1:00 and played some games and watched TV and then had
Thanksgiving dinner at about 4:00. I was so starving by
then, I had only eaten slimfasts for 2 days. She is the
most awesome cook. Our dinner consisted of mashed potatoes
with gravy, turkey (of course), stuffing, peas, fruit
salad, bread rolls, and my favorite- green bean cassarole.
Michelle should be a chef, I swear, she is the best cook I
know. I only hope that one day when I cook us all
Thanksgiving dinner, I can do almost as well as she does.
On Friday, Ryan and I went with his mom to pick out a
Christmas tree (for her), and then we took it over to her
house and decorated it and ate cookies and drank egg nog
and played games. I really felt like I was part of
the "family". It was nice. We had Thanksgiving leftovers
for dinner, and then she gave us the rest to take home
(Ryan's been eating Turkey sandwiches for 5 days). Friday
night Daniel came by and we all got stoned. It was a great
way to end a great 2 days.
Then came Saturday. I thought Saturday was going to be
great because it was going to be me, Gini, Tiff, and Lily
shopping all day for bridesmaid dresses. Sounds fun to
anyone who likes shopping, including me...boy was I wrong.
The plan was to drive to Elsinore, go to Grump's house to
visit really quick (that's Gini's grandpa), shop at the
Elsinore Outlet mall for dresses, buy the goddamn dresses,
come home, and then go to a rave in LA (just Gini and me).
Would've been nice had it worked out that way. The day
started out as planned, and going to Grump's wasn't as bad
as it sounded, but after we left it started to rain. Just
light rain though, so we started shopping like normal at
the Elsinore outlets (which is an outdoor mall, by the
way...outdoors in the rain). We went into every stupid
clothing store they had, and didn't find anything even
remotely close to what we were looking for. By the time we
were done, it was absolutely pouring, and we had to walk
all the way back to the car, across this gigantic trafficy
parking lot. We were dripping wet when we finally got to
the car. Seriously dripping, it looked like we had gone
swimming in our clothes. I was in fishnets, and I had just
shaved that morning, and the rainwater and fishnets
together totally irritated my skin. I had terrible, wet
razorburn. It just sucked. And since I was in a crappy mood
and away from home and slimfast, I ended up having a
popcorn chicken combo at KFC out in Elsinore. I felt so
guilty afterwards. But whatever. One slipup won't kill me.
It was Thanksgiving weekend for chrissake. We then
proceeded to spend the rest of the day driving back and
looking for dresses at the Mission Viejo mall (and of
course we came home empty handed). We have now decided to
just rent the dresses for $45 at a place called One Night
Affair in Westminster. It will be much easier, because they
have matching dresses in everyone's size. It'll all work
out. Saturday night was fun. Gini and Coby and Daniel and
Ryan and I all got stoned and watched movies and Gini and
Coby spent the night. I felt much better after I got home
and got stoned out of my mind (go figure).
Sunday we went to pre-marital counseling with Stretch.
It was a long session. like an hour and a half. Our next
session will be our last, just to go over the actual
ceremony and what will be said and everything. Ryan and I
have to write our vows!!! I just realized we only have
until Sunday before we have to rehearse it! It's Tuesday.
I'll do it tonight. I'm a good writer. It'll work out. I've
been saying that a lot lately, because it seems like things
aren't working out the way I planned on a lot of things.
But it'll work out, really. It's just the biggest day of my

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