Dark Secrets
2001-11-27 15:08:17 (UTC)

The Introduction

A journal would not be a journal without a proper
introduction. My name is Serena, I am 24 years of age. I
live in Texas. Everything about me is simply a mystery, I
believe it is because I do not like to say too much nor do
I like to say to little. In this journal I will share with
you things that may not be suitible for younger people to
read, some things may be offensive. You have been prewarned.

I do hope my life will be as entertaining to you as it is
to me sometimes. I will make you laugh, I will make you cry
and my main point is to make you think, and realize and
learn form some of the things that I do not reccommend you
or anyone else do. I welcome you to my journal. Do enjoy
your stay here.

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