De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-11-27 13:43:10 (UTC)

Gee it's fast

Tuesday 28/11/01 time flies...tuesday already..was supposed to
collect my offer letter and settle my work permit
today..but was delayed cos my supervisor hadda foot
problem..went down to collect the letter instead and
chatted with the director of the company..who briefed me
slightly on my internship project..should be fun... : P

these days, i only wake at the usual routine is to
cook 4 toasts for lunch and then check mail...then head out
to settle watever stuff that needs to be settled..

some admin done today..rented the car for the south isle
trip... did some querying on my air-ticket...and finally
got the offer letter signed!! tomoro i'll be settling the
work permit...

popped by shi chao's place ...he was tryin to fry some bee
hoon hehe... we then went to my place after his dinner and
sat to watch TV chatted for a while..geez.. jus the
few of us left in sad...

then went joggin at 830pm...and the sun is still bright!!
heheh...nowadays, sun don't set until around i
hadda nice time joggin ...chilly winds though...hardly
sweat a drop....

chatted with Nai and Mami again during dinner andinthe
lounge... they're really nice gals..esp Nai...she's been
really helpful after i moved that's great..

popped over to luke's again at nite...watched the craqzy
japanese show BANZAI again.... zany stuff... for luke said... then watch some vids on his
comp..heheh : P and played Alien vs Predator 2...nice
game...really scary playing as a marine though..luke scared
the shit out of me when the cable snapped in the
game and he pounced on me suddenly inthe dark

can finally settle the permit tomoro..yippee... oso meeting
seyan and kelvin... these lovebirds have been enjoyin
themselves too much these days...must kah chiau them abit


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