Borrowed Light
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2001-11-27 11:48:05 (UTC)



Let me explain. No, there's too much. Let me sum up. - the
princess bride

well today i finally confessed to myslef, beck, jen and joe
that i do still have feelings for joe and guess what?? he
has them for me! but now i have to work out whether i will
go for it because of beck, she said she wants me to, but
thats what all chicks say huh? i think i will, i do love

there are a few things that bug me, you see he doesnt seem
like he likes me but i guess thats a guy thing... we would
be such a fun couple...he gives me butterflies and all
these days, its so sweet, i just wish beck could see our
connection and be happy for me, that would make me so
happy. hehe i just remembered when i waslittle, how i used
to call em "flutterbies" oh the good old days *sigh*

me and beck had a big d&m and she is really so immature in
the mind, i couldnt believe it, but hey oh well thats
pretty much all that happened today, i got a C a B and an A
on my maths test which is pretty good...

well just a short one today, got to go watch rove


p.s. corey and tamara are an item..cool huh? their song is
like my favourite song so at least they share good musical
taste...im so happy for him!

Think with your heart
Speak with your soul
Touch me and feel
The world become whole
Break down the walls
Keeping you far
Be as in love as you think you are
- Debbie Gibson, Think With Your Heart

-I am not under any orders to make the world a better
place.- reality bites (finally found the quote i was
looking for for the rolemodel entry)

-You love with your mind and your soul, not only with your
heart. It's just a sayin'. -untamed heart