Online Diary Of Nathan Ball
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2001-11-27 11:37:35 (UTC)

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Well...this is my first entry, so it os going to be a bit
boring I think. Today was a pretty boring day, even though
I have to admit that I did get alot of my homepage done. I
also made the decision to have a break from mIRC. There is
just too my bitching and fighting going on, and I have just
had enough for now. I have a few problems that I need to
deal with at home, and then I will most likely be back on.
I am looking at about a 3 to 6 months break from it all.

Lately I just havent been myself, and alot of my close
friends have noticed that I havent been with it lately. I
have alot of thinking to do, and I feel that now is the
best time, so that I can come into the new year with a
clear head, and be myself again. I am thinking of going to
Melbourne for a few days with my friends Gary, Justin and
my boyfriend Brendan over New Years. Just to have New Years
away from Sydney and everything. So that should be good if
I do go.

One thing that has gone right for me though, is my
boyfriend Brendan. He is such a cutie, and when I have my
own website, I will create him his own webpage, and have it
linked to mine. Brendan is such a sweet guy who I have all
the time in the world for. We met on the 10th November,
2001 at my best friend's party, and have been together
every since. At first, a lot of people got there noses up
about Brendan going out, and I understand why. But now
everything is out in the open, cleared up, and running
smoothly. And I don't want to lose him for anything :)

I have also been trying to set up my webpage in the last
few weeks...ok months :P and I have got alot of it done,
and just need to keep working at it. One thing I hate, is
when you change your mind about it, and you have to redo
everything so it all matches. So I just stuck to my basic
black design, and maybe as things go along, or even after a
few months, I might give it all a face lift, and change
everything around. But this is me, and I will most likely
change my mind.

I think thats about all from me for now. And I will
hopefully write here again between now and the New Year