A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-11-27 08:13:50 (UTC)


Now I'm pissed!! Yea, fuck with me all you want. I can
take it, hell, I'll give it right back to you. Fuck with
the people I care about, now that's when I declare war.
Now I don't know the full story, so you may have to deal
with some inconsistancies with tomorrows entry....

Here's what's going on....
They are trying and aparently succeding in taking away
Pirate's Alley. The story as I know it: Two years ago, A.
fired two guys from there for stealing. They apparntly
have their revenge. They somehow got a hold of majority
stock in the buisness, in conjunction with the landlord,
and have sued to take over the buisness. The court today
revoked ownership and the lease of the place. The battle
isn't over yet, diary readers, oh no!! They arn't taking
my home away from home without a fight. Fuck that!! There
are things we can do. There's a meeting tomorrow that I
wish I could be at, unfortunatly I have to work. I know
I'll get the full story, though.
They want to turn our haven into **shudders** a cheesy
daquiri bar.
Why? Years ago, when A. took over the buisness, the Alley
was not a place any sane person would go. The alley was
ill-lit and dangerous. He, the employees and the patrons
changed that. Now it's much different. It's safe and it
makes money. In the landlord's oppinion, it could make
much more. For his pocket, that is. Money-grubbing-sckum-
This is our home. Think gothic Chears. We even had our
own "Norm Perterson" It was comfy, it had style, class,
ambience. The Alley was THE ONLY Paris style Cafe in New
Orleans. There goes another piece of culture in return we
get yet another daquiri bar. They got fired for stealing
before, now they are trying to steal the entire place.