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2001-11-27 07:51:55 (UTC)

and now you know - Who Gets Mistified (from Soundgarden - Outshined)

I'm not ready to write this entry yet - but I realized a
lot on my Birthday:

1) people who really do love you always are your friend too.

2) I want children more now than any time I've ever wanted
to have one.

3) I am very lucky to have gotten away from my last
girlfriend (I suspected I might feel that way someday - and
its to no fault, but I know what kind of environment I want
to raise children in and that just wasn't it).

4) I am not the irrelavent non-entity I thought I was
lately - I feel important to someone - namely my best
friend now - and I'm glad we had the chance to talk, hang
out, reminice, and share the weekend.

5) When you thought I was reading through everything like
it was completely transparent - I was. I just didn't have
the conviction and self-esteem to think I was right or the
courage to embrace it at the time.

6) When I thought you were reading through everything like
I was completely transparent - you were. I just didn't
have the conviction or self-esteem to think I warrented
your interest like that, or that I mattered - or could in
the long run to you.

I stand corrected.
I've never had a better birthday.

It's the little things in life that make me feel better...

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