Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-11-27 07:27:07 (UTC)

Poem - "Why Should He Care?"

Another silver spoon sunrise,
He opens his eyes,
Combs his hair and brushes his teeth,
The safety net hanging directly beneath
Goes unnoticed of course,
He mounts his favorite horse
And rides into town,
His face shows a frown
At the depressing sight
Of a man who spent last night
Battling Death
For one last breath
Of smoggy, plague-ridden air,
But why should he care?
He earned every dime,
It should be a crime
To show that filthy face
In a public place.
He says to the poor man with a hateful eye,
"Why don't you craw away and die,
How dare you beg me for money!"
Cue the laugh track, 'cause that was funny.