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2001-11-27 07:05:55 (UTC)

Things To Say

If I thought I had something to say, I would have wrote
about it. I received a couple e-mails from this stupid
thing telling me it had been a while since I last updated
my diary. Who is it to say when something is worth writing

Okay, Now that I am dome ranting, I can explain that my
internet was down for the last week. I haven't been able
to get online this whole time, and I was really starting to
have withdrawls. LOTS of good things have happened, and I
want to write about all of them, and only hope I can before
I get tired of typing.

Thanksgiving was awesome. I went over to Jenny's house,
and after Having a totally wonderful time with her family,
I shared a very intimate evening with her. I arrived in
time to help her and her aunt prepare super, and after we
ate, I was entertained by her uncle that no one else in her
family cared to conversate with. When her extended family
left, and her mother and two brothers went off to bed she
and I had the opportunity to relax and enjoy a movie on her
big screen TV. Even when I attempted to leave so that she
could get some of her chores done, we went out and talked
some more. I didn't even leave until 2am, but every second
was well worth it.

Saturday was another UVR show. This time amanda came, and
she confirmed my intuition that they are a band that can
make it big with no problem. She also realized that she's
not my girlfriend, which was very relaxing for me. Maryann
still ignored me, but I'm so over her.

Well, you can be happy now, I've updated my journal.