Zone of Misfortune
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2001-11-27 06:43:21 (UTC)

More Monday Needed

Monday, today.

Today, monday.

Now that u've met, how about some hours of leisure?


ok, well, today went extremely fast, and apparently has
been over for about an hour and a half. So what the hell
did i do? There was sleeping, till noon, playing or
attempting to jam on ye olde tyme six stringed harlet of
melodies, but alas, nothing came of it...and then, the only
remotely fun and noteable occurance, a night out with
actual humans.

It all started at around 4-5, when i got sick of watching
VH1, MTV's Carson-athon, and E!, and called my hombre
Benjamin G. Clark, G standing for Grover, and beckoned for
some sort of entertainment to be had then and that evening.

Quick to resond, Old Ben G asked his brother P-Monay!
(formeraly known as Patrick T. Clark, T standing for
Teewiliger) if he had made arrangments for the night...That
really going nowhere, with P-Monay! frontin', Ben decided
to wait off and see what he could find

I watched the simpsons, which proved better than expected,
and ate cheese steak until Grover replied via phone to say
that he and a certain gerty/laura were getting together
with fun and games in mind with a certain melnick and emily
watts...I hurriedly agreed to court them all that
night...and watched the 6 o'clock simpsons, which was
genious to say the least.

7 clock roles around, Grover honks the horn of his red VW
and we are off...The night was fun and yielded several
outcomes...Planet Hollywood the game might actually be
worse than the restaurant, Dan Melnick enjoys trying to get
others killed in head-on automobile type accidents, and
that half a pound of raisins and HOT FUDGE mix well, if,
that is, mix well refers to CHRONIC DIARHEA that engulfs a
man's night. I mean, when one feels like they;re urinating
out of they're ass, one really starts to appreciate the
work that Charmin's softness team did. Kudos to all... T-minus, mmmm, not a bad band
name...anyway, t-minus 2 days away, and speaking of band, i
got some guy named Tony G. who's been e-mailing me to
sing/write for the i dare accept his challenge
that will surely catapult our feeble attempt at a wannabe-
band into musical bliss...or simply say "no, i like being
half a man..."

...all that and more, plus a sneak peak at my cheek's leak
that reaks of creeks when we rejoin our hero.

Good night

tired, somewhat uplifted, and very, very time-hungry

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